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TriYoga, founded by Kaliji Ray, incorporates small wave-like positioning of the spine with rhythmic movements to enhance deep relaxation in order to achieve flowing sequential poses. Through concentrating on all aspects of the yoga session, including the breathing, movement, and mudra, or positioning of various body parts, harmony is achieved. This lets the energy flow through the system unimpeded and readies the body for meditation.

The Creation of TriYoga

Based on wisdom passed from ancient philosophers, Kali Ray developed a type of yoga that emphasizes divine hand movements to seal in the unlimited energy of the body so that it is not lost. This energy can then be released by the appropriate sequences of mudra. Kali Ray trained under Jayalashmi Datta Avadhoota who is in the line of H.H. Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji in India. Currently, TriYoga classes can be found in over thirty-five countries, including the U.S., Germany, Russia, Denmark, and India.

Benefits of TriYoga

In addition to the benefits gained from other styles of yoga, students who practice TriYoga garner superior strength and flexibility in their hands and fingers from the practice of divine geometric hand positioning that enables communication with the spiritual world. TriYoga activates the energy within the body which is used for healing and focus.

Purpose for Mudras

The most important movements in TriYoga are done with the hands. These poses, or hasta mudra, are the communication route to cosmic energy and may be done with one hand or both. If a master yoga desires, he or she may spontaneously use the mudra to transmit healing energy to another person. The hands almost dance at times, during TriYoga, as they move freely from one mudra to another. Some of the common mudra are the prayer mudra, the lakshi divi mudra, the eye mudra, and the body mudra. Each mudra may be used from the inside or generated spontaneously from the outside, depending on need. Poses may be varied depending on individual purpose.

TriYoga Practitioners

TriYoga may be practiced by most ages, but the spiritual ideas involved are better for a mature mind. While children can learn the movements easily, and can probably perform them better than most adults, they are incapable of grasping the philosophical concepts of TriYoga.

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