Yoga@42 Bikram Yoga Jakarta

Jalan Kemang Raya no 10a Saberro house 4th floor
South Jakarta, Jakarta
12730, Indonesia

phone: (62-21)7197379

Our beautiful bikram yoga "hot" studio conveniently located at Kemang Raya, on the 4th Fl of Saberro House, in south Jakarta, Indonesia. We are a full-service yoga studio with many amenities, with towels and mats free of charge. We have showers and locker rooms with full range of toiletries. On the premise, we also have retail shop and beverages. Bikram Yoga is not just an exercise: it increases strength, willpower, determination, flexibility, balance, faith, concentration, and patience all in a 90 minute class. You use your strength and balance at the same time you are stretching your muscles and increasing your flexibility. To get the same workout in a gym you would have to lift weights for 90 minutes, stretch for 90 minutes, and then practice your balance for 90 minutes and you would still not get the same benefits provided by this posture series. Bikram's yoga is practiced in a hot room, heated just above body temperature so that you naturally sweat and release toxins, through the largest organ of elimination your skin! All of our instructors are Bikram Certified, personally trained by the master himself. The series is very suited to the beginner. All the postures are quite simple to execute, with the class being led by the instructor guiding you through the postures with a very specific dialogue. Don't be fooled though. Even though the series is suitable for beginners it is very dynamic and demanding system of exercise.

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