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Ronit Biger is an American Yoga Alliance Certified and Israeli Yoga Teachers Association Certified yoga instructor. Ronit specializes in the more dynamic styles of yoga: Ashtanga yoga with its more rigid set of specific sequences and Vinyasa Flow yoga, being a more 'freestyle' type of yoga in terms of its sequences. Having grown up in North America and spending most of her adult life in Israel and extensive world travel, Ronit's yoga is a blend of her Israeli and North American sides; her dynamic, action-seeking and structure-oriented side combined with her calm, serene, free, and spiritual side. Ronit offers private lessons, group lessons and specialty workshops (bridal showers, scuba diving groups (to enhance air consumption), corporate groups and other workshops. Pamper yourself to a private or group yoga lesson and experience the world of yoga which will bring inner peace, harmony, and contentment to your life. For more details visit the Yoga Flow Israel website which has more details about the classes, interesting articles about yoga, and a unique gallery with different yoga postures and their benefits.

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