SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga

57, Street 2, Mandi Road, New Manglapuri, Mehrauli
Delhi, Delhi
110030, India

phone: +91-9810670711 / +91-9818196716

Sri Swami Vidyanand is a renowned yoga master and the founder of Transformational Yoga , a new yogic system that synthesizes techniques of hatha, white tantra, raja, mantra, astanga and kundalini yoga to bring about rapid transformations in practitioners. His signature system is inspired by the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and was developed when he taught yoga for more than a decade at the Sri Aurobindo Society, Adchini, Delhi, where he continues to teach. Combining intensive practice sessions with unique insights into the nature of our being, our programs are ideal for serious, would-be yoga teachers and dedicated aspirants.

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