Satya Yoga

8 Claymore Hill #01-03/03, Claymore Point
Central Area, Central
229572, Singapore

phone: 92768461/ 97457857

Satya in Sankrit is defined as 'sat hitam satyam', which translates to 'all that takes you closer to the real truth' or more commonly known as 'truth'. Satya Yoga was seeded by three Yoginis who share a deep passion and great enthusiasm for this ancient science and art of physical and mental discipline. Yoga is beyond the postures, it helps you to develop greater flexibility, strength, patience, discipline, focus, concentration and self awareness. We believe there is no short-cut to Yoga, persevere by focusing on one-pointedness and practise, practise and practise. Yoga is a journey of a lifetime and commitment is the key ingredient. At Satya Yoga, we offer a wide range of Yoga styles to meet your needs – Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Pre & Post Natal, Kids and Yoga Therapy. We conduct classes for private, small groups of less than 8 students to ensure personal attention is given to all, including dynamic adjustments. We also conduct workshops and events for corporate and private functions according to the requests and needs – office yoga, partner yoga and yoga for good skin. Whether you are new to Yoga or looking to deepen your Yoga learning, we will be glad to walk you through the lesson plans and discover the inner beauty of Yoga practise together. We look forward to meet you soon at the practise.

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