Total Body Yoga

210 Terrace Drive
Mundelein, Illinois
60060, United States

phone: (847) 266-9642

You'll find us a fun and friendly place for the whole family - moms, dads, kids, athletes, and busy executives - to learn and practice yoga. Taught by certified and caring teachers, we offer over 50 weekly classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students. We have the most supportive, loving teachers and a peaceful unpretentious location in Mundelein half a block from Vernon Hills, 1 mile from Libertyville, 5 miles from Gurnee. We're close to home! Whether you are already practicing yoga or have never tried yoga but think it sounds interesting, we would like to invite you, your friends and family, to join us and try a class at no risk, without having to register or make any purchase. Don't worry if it's your first yoga class we have fostered a loving, safe environment for "every body". Discover for yourself why yoga is thought of as a total body healing system...

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